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Think Beyond Boundaries - ChicksOTreat Design and Art Exhibition

Organised by Pui Kiu College

ChicksOTreat - Think Beyond Boundaries
Breaking Boundaries, the pioneer in Hong Kong! Unleash the Power of Creative Arts to Drive Collaboration among Schools, Society, and Businesses. Unlock Infinite Possibilities and Embrace Positive Values.

“ChicksOTreat” is the first Hong Kong cross-disciplinary collaborative exhibition, led by Pui Kiu College, in partnership with CHICKS, Carnaby Fair, Boys’ & Girls’ Club Association, and Hong Kong Association of Gerontology, embracing art and design to promote the importance of life happiness, care inheritance, and embodying societal positivity in embracing new beginnings.

Pui Kiu College realised the need to inspire and empower new generation for the rapid development in Hong Kong and global cross-discipline creative landscape. Through this pioneering project, the school incorporated design research, commercial branding supported by CHICKS, and community engagement into visual arts, highlighting the impact of co-creation among society, business, and education. Students set foot outside of classrooms, to learn from different social groups (Elementary students, Elderlies, Low-income families), drawing inspirations from cross generations and cultural contexts. The results are the accumulation of rigorous engagements and creativity, fruitfully designed and presented as one-of-a-kind sculptures that are displayed at K11.

The exhibition has 2 sections at K11 Art Mall for public viewing:
Section 1 - Theme: “A tale of hope, a life of transformation”. (Students showcase) Location - G/F, Piazza
Section 2 - Theme: “In a white oasis of learning, imagination knows no limit” (Hong Kong artists: Millie Chiu, SIUKINS, Daddyboy) Location - 2/F (Near K11 Natural)

We welcome you to take part in our journey to make a better future for next-generation creative education and community well-being.

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Pui Kiu College

In 1946, our first school in Hong Kong, Pui Kiu Middle School, was founded. Our mission is to nurture outstanding young people for the ever improving Hong Kong society, as well as to contribute to China's growth. In 2005, we established Pui Kiu College in the Shatin District, further committing ourselves to the nurturing of the younger generation for the society as well as the nation.