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The Community Playground - Kowloon City

Organised by NGDOHK

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人大咗,好自然就玩少咗。難得約到成班朋友出嚟聚舊,但來來去去都係行街、睇戲、食飯,悶唔悶啲?吾造團隊相信,每個曾經係小朋友嘅大人其實都仲好玩得,只係我哋忘記咗點樣玩。喺今個十一同十二月,吾造邀請想同朋友一齊重拾街童時光嘅你,參加我哋最新項目「玩嘢Play Thing」嘅試玩日,一齊玩盡九龍城,係即將要面臨重建嘅老區中捐窿捐罅,邊玩邊體驗唔只屬於小朋友嘅《社區遊樂學》

【社區遊樂學試玩日詳情】Community Playground
費用:$100 (材料及紀念品費用)
聯絡:6134 4045 (Lorraine)
*12月場次為 2022年12月18日下午2:30-4:30


Photo credit: @zerolai.ltk
此計劃由香港賽馬會社區資助計劃 - “創不同”學院 —— “創不同”種子計劃全力支持。「《社區遊樂學》試玩日」同時亦為BODW CityProg #設計營商周城區活動 之 衛星活動。

The above information is provided by BODW CityProg Partner NGDOHK.

The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change any details such as dates and formats of all events without prior notice. Please stay tuned to the Organiser website and social media for the latest updates.

About Partner


The team members of "Plaything" have been connected by the "Local Tourism Lab". After six months of exploring the North District, we are convinced that if you consider the tourism topic, you will find a completely new Hong Kong in a place you thought you were familiar with. The French writer Proust once said, "A true journey of discovery is not about finding new landscapes, but about having different horizons."

The local tour of "Plaything" aims to open up the eyes for young people - the future belongs to those who can "play".

Adopting new and playful ways to explore the community as a starting point, we aim to encourage the young generation aged 18 to 30 to take a new perspective to understand the community they grow up and live in, and to discover its needs through playing.