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Organised by Institute for Sustainable Urbanisation

This event is jointly organised by The Institute for Sustainable Urbanisation (ISU) and UDP International in association with APART.

Hong Kong needs to take more proactive steps with a focus on People, Place and Planet to become a Happy City. Towards this we are pleased to organise the Playroom@Smart Cultural Precinct in Central on 2.12.2023 and 16.12.2023 to activate the community and public space to improve the quality of life of people. The Playroom@SCP in Central will help create a new level of awareness and meaningfully engage the children and parents in this vibrant area. Children will work together to not only create artwork but also share and contribute to the theme of circularity.

Attention Children! Playroom@SCP will provide you with the opportunity to be in a part of some amazing and meaningful activities :

Art Workshop - You can draw on a paper to visualise your ideal Central. After that you can use recycled materials, such as old newspapers and magazines, to create cutouts and 3D models to beautify your masterpiece!

DIY Puzzle - You will use recycled papers and cardboards to create your own puzzles about key landmarks in Central!

Goods Exchange - participate in the Toy Box, Book Club and Clothes Chest: We encourage you to bring at least one of your toys, books or clothing to play, swap, and share with other children. There will be some used toys, books and clothes provided for exchange at the event as well! This will help you learn to share your old toys / books / clothes with other children in need and become sustainable young citizens of Hong Kong.

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Each participating child or teenager will get a gift from Crayola. First come first served. If you have any questions, feel free to contact ISU at 2129 0169.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact ISU at 2129 0169.

The above information is provided by BODW CityProg Partner.

The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change any details such as dates and formats of all events without prior notice. Please stay tuned to the Organiser website and social media for the latest updates.

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