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Paper Dialogues – Art and Design Exhibition

Organised by College of Professional and Continuing Education

"Paper Talk: Art & Design Exhibition" is an exhibition that delves into the diverse applications, and enduring relevance of paper in our rapidly evolving digital landscape. In an era dominated by screens and virtual experiences, this exhibition celebrates the enduring beauty, versatility, and cultural significance of paper as a medium of artistic expression.

In the exhibition, we invite the visitors to embark on a journey that explores the multifaceted dimensions of paper, from photographs, design works and installation. Discover how this humble material has shaped a new application in our increasingly digitized society. With a diverse range of exhibits, we aim to evoke emotion, challenge conventions, and spark conversations on paper.

Firstly, we invite visitors to explore the significance of paper in our city through a set of 40 pieces of photographs on the topic of paper. Deforestation and the ecological impact of mass production in using paper will be discussed.

Secondly, we examine the use of paper as a remarkable medium on various design works to appreciate its tangible and tactile qualities. 20 to 25 pieces of design work including packaging design and paper models will be displayed. The works are seeking innovative ways to make paper a unique and irreplaceable medium and also encourage the visitor to review the role of paper in our society.

Thirdly, 5 pieces of origami-inspired sitting sculptures which tell stories of tradition and contemporary application of paper. The unique geometrical form enriches the relationships between the craftmanship and artistry inherent in working with paper. Lastly, the exhibits discover the artistic realm of applying paper in a paper installation. The artwork discovers the power of paper to inspire a new perception for the application of this timeless material that continues to leave its creativity in our society.

“Paper Talk” is not just an exhibition. Within the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to engage in workshops led by skilled paper artists, where they can explore the techniques of paper art firsthand and discover their own creative potential.

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