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Noted with thanks - A Joint Exhibition of Young Artists

Organised by Lumenvisum

Curator’s message

In recent years, the social upheaval and the Covid-19 pandemic have caused significant disruption to young people’s studies. For any students, the past few years have been full of twists and turns, both in terms of their studies and life experiences. They have experienced feelings of insecurity, loss, alienation, fear, confusion, shame, distress, and above all, loneliness, transforming a once familiar city into a place where even mere survival seemed at stake.

The young artists participating in this year’s joint exhibition are a beacon of light in these challenging times. During a period of significant upheaval and social confinement, they have continued to produce outstanding works of art, using a range of techniques to explore topics such as their own emotions, friends and family, and the local community. Through their work, they demonstrate that the young generation of today is more resilient than many people may think: despite the significant disruptions to their lives, they are still able to forge their own path – by no means an easy task in today’s challenging times.

Noted with thanks is Lumenvisum’s fourth joint exhibition of young artists. The exhibition aims to bring outstanding works of art by college and university graduates to a wider audience, and provides a platform for young artists to exchange ideas and showcase their works.

This year we have invited 9 young artists to share their works, which cover a range of thought-provoking topics and media formats. For example, in her work Don’t Leave the Past Forgotten, LEUNG Tsz Shan reprocesses a series of forgotten images from scrap floppy disks, shedding light on both the evolution and limitations of modern data storage. FUNG Ho Pui’s Nothing Less explores a similar topic, transforming images from second-hand memory cards into a collection of stories from a bygone era, inspired by her sense of loss at deleting a photo of her grandmother. In There is a Sea in Tsz Wan Shan, CHAN Sum Yi goes on a journey into the past, employing a combination of historical records and interviews to construct her vision of her home. LEE Sum’s Endless uses computer software to transform a collection of two-dimensional images into three-dimensional optical illusions of empty public spaces that invite the viewer to contemplate the meaning of life. In Room, NG Hong Hei recreates and represents his bedroom as a 6:1-scale three-dimensional model – an allusion to the lonely and introspective period faced by Hong Kong’s artists during the Covid-19 pandemic. In Hong Kong Politicians, KWOK Ling Lee depicts herself as a young politician and attempts to delve into the thoughts and actions of Hong Kong’s politicians during their youth – an apt reminder for today’s lawmakers. LEE Ching Nin’s untitled video examines contemporary questions: What is freedom, and where can it be found?, attempting to identify possible solutions through humour and interactions with the local community. YEUNG Lai Wa’s installation Blurry Boundaries is a bold yet relatable attempt to visualize her lost freedoms, while YEUNG Lok Yue’s Scar and Time depict the artist’s emotions during court visits over a 60-day period, offering a unique insight into the despondent mood of Hong Kong’s younger generations.

In an era of grand slogans, alternative facts and empty rhetoric, one of the great powers of artists is their ability to think independently, challenge the status quo and identify new possibilities. Noted with Thanks is a reminder that young artists continue to pursue their own path, despite the many challenges and rhetoric they face.

(Special thanks to Edwin LAI Kin Keung, Jimmy LEE Chin Kiu, Dustin SHUM Wan Yat & Rachel YIP Hiu Yin for their contribution and support.)

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Lumenvisum is a non-profit art organisation dedicated to the promotion of photography. Founded by four veteran photographers in 2007, it is a platform for cultural exchange, educational outreach, sharing of resources and building of knowledge.

Since inception, Lumenvisum has collaborated with more that 60 artists from for more than 50 exhibitions of photography in Hong Kong.