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Navigating the Art World: Personal Journeys and Professional Insights Panel Discussion

Organised by Academy of Visual Arts, School of Creative Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University; art-at-all; IAE(HK)

Time: 3:00 - 3:45 pm + 10 mins Q&A
Speakers: Manish Arora, Hou Hanru and Kalen Lee
Moderator: Michael Whittle

An engaging panel discussion that delves into the varied experiences and insights of experts and practitioners in the art world, offering the public and young and emerging artists a comprehensive understanding of the journey through the art industry. The panel will feature Manish Arora, an assistant professor of Applied Arts; Hou Hanru, an art curator and critic, and Kalen Lee, a researcher and art practitioner. The aim is to provide a platform for sharing diverse perspectives, experiences, and advice, contributing to a rich dialogue that benefits aspiring artists.

On the second section, Our esteemed panelists, who also serve as judges for the Art Futures Awards, will have the unique opportunity to share their perspectives on the future generation of artists in Asia with their insightful thoughts and visions after reviewing the artworks created by talented fresh graduate artists. This discussion also provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of art in Asia and the potential pathways for the emerging generation of artists.

This panel discussion is envisioned as not just a source of inspiration but also a practical guide, rich with real-world experiences and advice from multiple facets of the art world. It aims to highlight various paths to success and offer young artists a range of ideas and strategies they might consider in their artistic journeys.

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Academy of Visual Arts, School of Creative Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University; art-at-all; IAE(HK)

Established in 2022, ART FUTURES - Outstanding Graduates Awards in Asia is the first international art award of its kind in Asia dedicated to championing the creative practices of outstanding recent graduates in the field of visual arts and associated contemporary art practices