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Maysum x ZTYLEZ :「Cats light up my life」

Organised by ZTYLEZ

Life starts from zero, which is simple & easy at the beginning, and gradually becomes complicated. We will meet different type of person who makes us laugh, sad, excited (but then become) or angry, all these meetups make us grow and widen our horizons. More often than not, the ups and downs of our emotional journey are only known to & borne by ourselves.

With meeting the cats in her life, the artist is no longer alone. The company of her cats has ended her lonesomeness and transformed her.

During the days with the cats, the artist learned from them how to value and listen to her inner voice, reconcile with the inner child in her, and become empowered again!

The works in this exhibition are to record the life of the artist and her furry child, and how to find a luminous self in her works.

The above information is provided by BODW CityProg Partner ZTYLEZ.

The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change any details such as dates and formats of all events without prior notice. Please stay tuned to the Organiser website and social media for the latest updates.

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ZTYLEZ ART SPACE integrates art, fashion, design and culture. With the concept of tolerance and openness, a new concept of art creation venue is created, providing a better platform for workers in the cultural, artistic and creative industries in Hong Kong, so that people with dreams and creativity can turn their ideas into reality. Diversified activities including exhibitions, workshops, lectures will be held regularly at the venue.