Hong Kong Circularity Map Launch (只限受邀人士參與)


創意荷蘭 | 香港荷蘭商會 | 香港設計中心(設計營商周城區活動)


The Circular Map shines a light on 15 points of interest. These are exciting spots, showing what currently is happening in Hong Kong on circular design, entrepreneurship and craftsmanship. This new designed map will give you a peek into creativity, perseverance, and ambition in finding new ways of working. We encourage you to  hop on the MTR and treat yourself to a self-guided tour exploring a fresh, future oriented side of Hong Kong!
The digital map, a thoughtful gift from the Netherlands to Hong Kong, has been crafted by Charlot Teng (iDiscover) and Joshua Wolper (Shutterleaf Productions). Their endeavor involved interviews, captivating images, and intriguing narratives unraveling the complexities behind each highlighted spot. The project incorporates the values and expertise of iDiscover, a team of Dutch origin collaborating with local talents in photography and filmmaking. It will nurture enduring connections between the Netherlands and Hong Kong, extending beyond this year's partner program focused on circular design within the framework of the Business of Design Week, and continuing to grow over time.